Its been a quiet year on the release front for us. Life just seemed to take over. But thankfully there are things in the wings for the new year which we’re really excited about. Stay tuned…

While I continue to try and digest the Lino Capra Vaccina re-issues, check out these local gems from this year that have been on high-Epic-Sweep-rotate: Jenny and Jade ‘Day Release’ (Stabbies), Totems ‘Totems’ (Prison), Salon Kingsadore ‘Instant Compositions’ (Sarang Bang), SoccerPractice ‘SoccerPractice’, both Musical Electronics Library comps (MEL), Ria Hall ‘Rules Of Engagement’ (Loop), Motte ‘Strange Dreams’ (CoCoMuse), Witcyst ‘Real Folk’ Boxset (End of the Alphabet),  Alphabethead ‘Quartz Plumage’, Hasji ‘Grove’ EP (Grow Room), Troy Kingi ‘Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron’, the Bad Tase comp (Chemical Imbalance), The Biscuits ‘Albatross’ 7″ …see you next year

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