ES53 – The Biscuits – ‘Rise’ 7″ Lathe (Ltd 20)

Auckland three-piece, the Biscuits have been making their unholy so-simple-its-complicated brand of noise rock for a few years now. This release represents a great entree to the band from the wonderful no-fi stomp of ‘Rise’ to the more direct ‘Marry That Bus’ and ‘MANipulative’ on the flip. Covers are hand-made by lead Biscuit, Indira.

$18 NZ plus postage

ES52 – Seht – ‘I Follow The Moon’ Cassette (Ltd 20)

This is the first release in way too many years for Wellington based electronic musician Stephen Clover (aka Seht). Continuing to evolve his beautiful ambient drone music, on this release the dynamics and soundscapes make an album perfect for travel, whether it be astral or just around the corner.

$10 NZ plus postage

ES51 – Blowfly Saint – ‘Duck St/ulp’ Cassette (Ltd 20)

Blowfly Saint is a trans-tasman duo of Stefan Neville (Pumice and way too many others to mention) and Leighton Craig (ex Lost Domain, Primitive Motion but mostly himself). While undeniably a sum of their equal parts, their collective lo-fi folk electronic meditations are uniquely washed in melody. This beautifully realised album was recorded over several years in the early 2000s in Auckland and Brisbane and is presented here in its first physical form.


ES50 – The Trendees – ‘Go To Town’ 7″ Vinyl EP (Ltd 100)

Our favourite provincial cousins more than go to town on their latest release. From shimmering gems (like ‘Abandoned Hospital’ surely the 2000’s answer to ‘Getting Older’) to stoned jams (like ‘Friend Frienfr’) , the band barely control their particular brand of ranting no-fi chaos over the six tracks on the EP. More of the stone cold brilliance we’ve come to expect. Each 7″ is housed in individually screen printed covers.



ES49 – Cutss- ‘UAWA’ 7″ Lathe [20 copies]

Brilliant new six song EP from Cutss who’s special blend of garage rock, do-wop, 60s pop sensibility and attitude kicks as much ass as her auntie featured on the cover. Mastered by Stefan Neville.



ES48 – DEAN – ‘Humid Nature’ 10″ Lathe [20 copies]

Guitar lines swirl and sway their improvised way through sinister sounding keyboards and Super-Mario drum patterns, all taking their own sweet time on DEAN’s new five track EP. Surely one of the Waikato’s finest.



ES47 – Rory Storm – ‘Our Bodies And Brains Would Emerge Fully Formed From The Chaos’ Cassette [Very ltd copies]

A continuing evolution of the dark, beat driven ‘techno’ of previous releases from this noise maestro. Comprising shorter spoken word/vocal tracks, this album extends Rory Storm’s sonic palette into some of his most accessible music to date.

Rory Storm Cover


ES46 – Kraus – ‘Skynet Goes Live’ Cassette [Very ltd copies]

Anyone lucky enough to see his shows over the past couple of years knows the Kraus live experience is a very special one. Recorded live in Australia last year, this album is an incredible blend of his entirely unique primitive beats, spaced-out loops and guitar explorations.

Kraus Cover


ES45 – The Trendees – ‘We Are Sonic Art’ Cassette [Ltd copies]

One part Moonrakers and another Pouffe, the Trendees are a heady messed-up noise rock juggernaut bigger than the sum of its fractured parts. As outlined in the liner notes, ‘this music was inspired by indifference, small towns and cold winds’, and its all the better for it!



ES44 – Marineville – ‘Turning The Sod’ 7″ Lathe [Ltd 30 copies]

Sounding more like ‘bashing the living daylights out of the Sod’, Marineville’s latest single comes straight, live and raw as hell from the practice room. The Sod’s relentless repetitious squall gives way to the only slightly more sedate ‘I Blame You’ on the flip.



ES43/LS – Coalition- ‘United Shoelaces Are (Still) Dangerous’ Cassette [Ltd 15 copies]

Coalition formed in Auckland in the early 1980s from the ashes of the Herco Pilots and the Gordon Bennetts. The band became a broader more chaotic collective of talented musicians, artists, idealists and friends. This is a compilation of their epic ‘United Shoelaces Are Dangerous’ self-released cassette from 1983 and is an extraordinarily unheralded DIY mash-up of post-punk, electronics, found sounds and general self-indulgence far ahead of its time.



ES42/LS – Mary Briefcase – ‘Retrospective’ Three Cassettes [Ltd 20 copies]

This mammoth joint release with Lingering Sound compiles for the first time this early NZ DIY electronics maverick’s impossibly hard to find records from 1982 (‘Jupiter By Ridge’ and ‘Whisper of The Sheba Dawn’) alongside never before released work. There was no local precedent at the time for these visionary cosmic synth workouts and there’s been very few (if any) peers since.



ES41 – Rory Storm – ‘They Sold Us Tomorrow: Volume 1′ Cassette [Ltd 20 copies]

Sounding like a classic electronic soundtrack to a Philip K Dick sci-fi that never got made, ‘They Sold Us Tomorrow’ is a wonderful moody set full of interesting twists and turns over its nine tracks.

RORY STORM - They Sold Us Tomorrow (Epic Sweep, 2014)


ES40 – The Moonrakers –‘Property Moses’ Cassette [Ltd to 20 copies]

A band not bound by its obvious limitations, the live experience of The Moonrakers is wonderfully captured on this album. It’s hard not to be drawn into the tension of the band barely holding itself together long enough before a spectacular crash that never quite happens. Proof if it was needed that the band rock harder than most.

THE MOONRAKERS - Property Moses (Epic Sweep, 2014)


ES39 – The Moonrakers – ‘O-Toro!’ 7” Lathe EP [Ltd 20 copies]

A fire, hail and shit-storm of noise with one of the most unique finger-nails-on-blackboard vocals you’re ever likely to hear. This EP is a wonderful entry point to the fractured frightening rock genius of The Moonrakers.

Moonrakers O-Toro


ES38 – Rory Storm – ‘Low Fidelity Electronic Music’ [CDR]

Created in a unique head space, Rory Storm’s latest is a claustrophobic head-throbbing collision of harsh electronics, beats and noise. Head-splitting, unrelenting and utterly enthralling the album lives up to its title in spades.

RS Photo

$12NZ plus postage.

ES037 – Dan McGirr – ‘Acid Flakes’/’Dreams Decay’ [Double CDR, 25 copies]

A huge collection bringing together two recent albums by Dan McGirr, one half of Brisbane band the Wonderfuls. The subtle electronic improvisations of ‘Acid Flakes’ are balanced nicely by the ambient soundscapes of ‘Dreams Decay’. The CDRs are housed in beautifully individually hand-drawn cases; no two are the same.

DMc Photo

$20NZ plus postage.

ES036 – Rotate The Completor – ‘Symphony No.8609’ 10″ Lathe EP [ltd 20 copies]

The two ‘symphonies’ on this EP present a sonic departure of sorts from RTC’s previous work. The first is a celebration of pure noise electronics while the second builds on previous guitar work; almost coming across like some demented low-fi raga in parts. Both very much inhabit the world of this outsider of outsiders.



ES035 – The Coolies – ‘Punk Is Bread’ 7″ Vinyl EP [ltd 100 copies]

From noisy epics to adolescent electro tomfoolery, the Coolies lo-fi garage punk is pushed in all sorts of interesting directions on this new six song EP. Around 14 years since their first release, the band’s (d)evolution continues in its own time and very unique way. Despite celebrating its demise, in the Coolies’ hands punk may not be as bread as first thought!



ES034 – Piece War – ‘Apathy’ 10″ Lathe [ltd 30 copies]

Piece War arrive fully formed on their debut album ‘Apathy’. Perhaps not too surprising given one half of the duo’s Coolies origins. Their garage punk rock highlights some brilliantly direct and effecting song writing.

Peace War 1


ES033 – Baa Baa and the Black Sheep – ‘The Creature of St Kilda Lagoon!’ 12″ LP Lathe [ltd 20 copies]

More lower than no-fi madness from the Baa Baa and the Black Sheep. The presence of the ‘creature’ provides an unsettling backdrop for their unclassifiable weirdo pop. Coming across like some outsider classic from the early 80s, the album is a celebration of sorts of the lost Dunedin suburbia that spawned them.

Baa Baa photo 1


ES032 – Tlaotlon – ‘Calavities’ Vinyl LP [ltd 100 copies]

Continuing to inhibit the brilliantly fine line between sound sculpture and total free-form, Jeremy Coubrough’s (aka Tlaotlon) third album remains firmly rooted in his own very unique brand of electronic-psych. The album effortlessly finds new and even more interesting abstract forms in the oceanic surges and pulses that crash into off centred pulse-like rhythms and pure noise. An enthralling brain-frying exercise in control and chaos, and a captivating listen throughout.


$28NZ plus postage.

ES031 – A.J Sharma – ‘Sunshine/HMV 7” Lathe [ltd 25 copies]

Criminally under rated songwriter, A.J Sharma has been releasing music since the early 1990s. Not a world away from Alastair Galbraith’s singular vision, on this single Sharma’s typically sparse acoustic accompaniment is somehow taken in new more layered directions.  This is from a forthcoming album on Powertool Records.



ES031 – Dick Whyte and the Bent Folk – ‘We Can Pretend/What If’ 7” Lathe plus Live CDR [ltd 40 copies]

The Bent Folk are captured here in a slow and beautifully direct mood. Led by Dick Whyte (formerly of free rock band Nova Scotia) the band does to folk what the Renderers do to country; both build on and break away from tradition. The single comes with a live four track CDR recording of the band which features a blistering cover of Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’. It showcases the more damaged-psych power of the band live.



ES030 – Electric Fence – ‘The White Man On A Boat’ 7” Lathe [ltd 20 copies]

From chaotic sprawling drones to more contemplative moments cloaked in their own brand of raw noise mayhem, this single follows the family duo’s wonderful self-released cassette album ‘Start of Music’.



ES029 – Rory Storm – ‘Old Songs Sung In Wolves’ Tongue’ CDR [ltd 25 copies]

This mammoth new album by Rory Storm clocks in at over 70 minutes. Although swamped in minimalism, the dark swelling ambient drones surge and recede carrying the listener along for a dark, intense and captivating ride. Utterly unique and intriguing.

R-Story 2


ES028 – Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs – ‘His Hands Are Normal’ Cassette  EP [ltd 30 copies]

An unlikely mix of ESG and the Shaggs, Mr Booklyn’s wonky funk gets serious in the capable hands of the Crumbs on this four track EP.


ES027 – Baa Baa and The Black Sheep – ‘Men of Constant Rhythm’ 10″ Lathe plus fanzine [ltd 30 copies]

Sounding like a cross between Homosexuals’ offshoot Amos and Sara and Say Yes To Apes, this 8 track 10” (plus zine) is the first proper release from the vast archives of Dunedin’s mysterious Baa Baa duo of  Mark Williams (Marineville, Cookie Brooklyn) and Tenzin Mullin (Suka).


ES026 – Rory Storm – ‘Five improvisations for piano and electronics’ 7″ Lathe [ltd 30 copies]

More new fascinating directions in sound from Rory Storm. Although possibly the quitest music he’s ever recorded, this release features five beautifully minimal improvisations.


ES025 – The Fantails – ‘Matariki Mayhem’ 7″ Lathe [ltd 30 copies]

The Fantails are an all whaine punk band from Wellington and this EP is their second release. It contains seven blisteringly short songs, including re-recorded classics from their ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’ debut album alongside newer songs.


ES024 – Marineville – ’15 Wax Tears’ Cassette [ltd 40 copies]

‘15 Wax Tears’ is Marineville’s first live album. This 40 minute cassette features highlights of live performances in various locations in Wellington over 2010 and 2011. It includes live versions of songs from the ‘Fowl Swoop’ and ‘Diving the Wreck’ albums as well as unreleased tracks and a mammoth slow version of ‘Face’.


ES023 – Maxine Funke – ‘Felt’ Vinyl LP [ltd 100 copies]

‘Felt’ is an album full of beautifully understated songs and song fragments that make it impossible to not be drawn into the unique and completely original world view of a special song writer. Don’t be fooled by the quiet mostly acoustic mood, there is a deeply hypnotic quality throughout the 18 songs on the album.  This is Maxine’s second album following her brilliant debut ‘Lace’ released on Alastair Galbraith’s Next Best Way.


ES022 – Marineville- ‘Face’ 7″ Vinyl Single [ltd 100 copies]

These two classic songs show a more immediate and poppier side of Marineville, who have been making their intensely crafted guitar based music for over 10 years now. ‘Face’ is driven by its own motrik beat and repetitive keys, while ‘Eat Toast’ (an admirable ode to a breakfast staple) brings its own nastier, urgent Ubu-infused rock to the flip side. This release follows their third album ‘Fowl Swoop’, and sees Mark Williams (Cookie Brooklyn, A Bad Suburb and Bad Statistics) leading a stella Marineville line-up featuring members from legendary (and soon to be legendary) acts like The Verlaines, The 3D’s and Tlaotlon.


ES021 – Rotate The Completor – ‘R.T.E:EP’ Cassette [ltd 20 copies]

Rawer-than-raw outsider psycho-hillbilly madness from Tauranga’s finest, Rotate The Completor. This six song EP follows the brilliant The Completed Rotations of… album on Roaratorio.


ES020 – Tlaotlon – ‘Floor Poisn’ 7” Lathe [ltd 20 copies]

More beautifully fuzzed-out organic surges and pulses from Tlaotlon (Jeremy Coubrough) with a heady mix of psychedelic weirdo beats and electronica. This single follows a split 7” with Whirling Hall of Knives and the ‘Squirt Image Flex’ album released on Trensmat.


ES019 – All Red Cables – ‘Under Volcano Fields: All The Hits 2004 – 2010’ CDR [ltd 25 copies]

All Red Cables is Andrew Spittle, formerly of Dating Godot. This is a 16 track compilation selected from a huge range of lo-fi self-released albums that have flown under most radars for years. Although currently in hiatus, this compilation serves as good an introduction as any to the prolific songwriter’s very personal world.


ES018 – Cartoon –‘69er On A Magic Carpet Ride’ Cassette [ltd to 50 copies]

This is the long awaited debut album from Cartoon (Ryan Bennett). With a sound that successfully combines the drumming acrobatics of his earlier outfits (Butt Simpson and Dorkwind) with noisy electro, it almost sounds funky without losing its intensity. The album was spit-polished, bent into shape and mixed by Jeremy Coubrough (Tlaotlon and Orchestra of Spheres) and Luke Rowell (Disasteradio).


ES017 – Cartoon – ‘Live EP’ 8” Lathe [ltd to 50 copies] (33rpm)

A brilliantly short and chaotic live set from Ryan Bennett (aka Cartoon), chock full of the ferocious drumming intensity of his earlier noise rock outfit, Butt Simpson. Equal parts meditative and headache-inducing but always compellingly controlled in a cooler-weird-second-cousin to Lightning Bolt or early Boredoms kind of way.


ES016 – If – ‘Bill’ CDR [ltd 50 copies]

Sharing squat stages with bands like the Ex, If were a loud, messy, anarchic band of mainly Kiwis based in Amsterdam in the mid 1980s. ‘Bill’ was originally released on cassette in 1986 and is re-released now for the first time with two unreleased tracks.


ES015 – Wolfskull – ‘What You Have Will Be Mine’ 12” LP lathe [ltd 25 copies] (33rpm)

Trimmed to a three piece, Wolfskull continue to refine their brand of noise rock in a lean and down right nasty kind of way on this six song mini-album.


ES014 – Wolfskull – ‘Famine’ 7″ Lathe [ltd to 20 copies] (33rpm)

Centered around the Clayton Noone axis, Wolfskull present their most varied musical pallet to date with a spoken word opus on one side and a classic noise rock jam on the other.


ES013 – Cookie Brooklyn – ‘Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Under My Car 1996 – 2006’ Cassette [ltd to 40 copies]

Cookie Brooklyn is Mark Williams (Marineville, Bad Statistics and Idle Suite) and this 40 minute cassette covers a huge range of fascinating musical noodlings and home recordings, 10 years in the making.


ES012 – Rory Storm – ‘Wirewreath’ Cassette [ltd to 25 copies]

More intense transiting of sounds and beats with unexpected surprises throughout make this latest release from Rory Storm all the more engaging through its 30 minutes.


ES011 – The Aesthetics – ‘Live at the Crown’ Cassette [ltd to 20 copies]

This is a fantastic set by one of the best live bands around. Ten tracks recorded warts n’ all in Dunedin.


ES010 – The Futurians – ‘Urban Chaos’ EP 7″ Lathe [ltd to 30 copies] (33rpm)

More garage noise rock madness from the Futurians. Everything that continues to make them great is present in spades – grinding guitars, synth squall and relentless tribal thud drumming.


ES009 – Seht – ‘Hand Full Of Sleet’ 7″ Lathe [ltd to 20 copies]

Stephen Clover (aka Seht) has been making beautifully sculpted minimalist drones for the past 10 years. ‘Hand Full Of Sleet’ was previously released on an obscure comilpation, but here is repackaged and re-presented in two distinct parts.


ES008 – The Bomber Jackets – ‘Hot Georgian Summer’ 7″ Lathe [ltd to 20 copies]

The Bomber Jackets include Russell, head honcho from the more than excellent UK DIY/Messthetics sounding band The Pheromoans. Much more than a side project, The Bomber Jackets here present two spoken word synth orientated tracks in all their live glory.


ES007 – Olympus – ‘Live’ EP 7” Lathe [ltd to 30 copies] (33rpm)
Olympus is Pat Kraus and Stefan Neville (Pumice), and the collaboration continues its skillful, clanging, pounding pop glory on this 5 song EP recorded live at the Victoria theatre in Auckland. It follows nicely from the diverse instrumental territory covered in their ‘Bold Mould’ album jointly released on Soft Abuse/Stabbies.


ES006 – Maxine Funke – ‘Oranges in the Oaks’ 7” Lathe [ltd to 20 copies] (Licensed from Next Best Way)

An understated voice over a beautifully minimal backing, it’s hard not to be taken in by the unique story telling of one of the most interesting song writers around. This is Maxine’s latest release following the brilliant ‘Lace’ album released on Alastair Galbraith’s Next Best Way label. The one time member of the $100 Dollar Band and The Snares goes from strength to strength.


ES005 – The Kites – ‘Sunfish Twins’ 7” Lathe EP and CD [ltd to 20 copies]

The Kites were an obscure acoustic duo from the 1980s that wrote rough, wayward and beautifully honest and melodic songs in their bedroom. This 4 song 7″ EP comes with a 22 track CD compilation taken from their very limited cassette and EP releases from the mid to late 1980s. [$18NZ plus postage]


ES004 – Rory Storm – ‘Cheap Utopia Eats Cheap Utopia’ 7” Lathe Single [ltd to 20 copies]

A soundtrack of industrial tones and drones swirl around hushed vocals. Mixed, layered and morphed in three parts per side.

Rory Storm cover


ES003 – Crude – ‘Grandmother’ 7″ Lathe Single [ltd to 25 copies]

Free-jazz-noise-glitch-scitzo-electro genius proves he can also write a beautiful pop song, or two. Although losing none of what has made his music so singular for the past 20 (or so) years, Crude has never sounded so accessible as he does on this release.


ES002 – The Aesthetics – ‘Dusk Husk’ 7″ Lathe Single [ltd to 30 copies]

This is the latest release from the new Aesthetics line-up. More refinement, rather than departure, from their unique sludge-noise-roark. Although directed by Matt Middleton, Dunedin’s finest have always been the sum of their collective musical parts.


ES001 – Kraus – ‘Luxury and Mystery’ 7″ Lathe Single [ltd to 40 copies]

“Sounding like a Soviet-era Dr Who special invaded by ’60s psych guitarists”, this is the latest release by Auckland based artist Kraus. Sci-fi soundtrack synth bleepery and guitar fuzz give way to Moondog-like time signatures with a dash of exotica. Phew! The ex-Murdering Monsters, Aesthetics and Futurians drummer and electronics whizz kid continues to evolve a sound all his own.



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