Kraus and Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs Live

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at the Pyramid Club last night…wonderful

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So it’s been another long gestation between drinks…but we’ve got some cool stuff coming out soon like a raw as anything Marineville 7” lathe and another great cassette re-issue of early 80’s Auckland DIY collective Coalition. More detail about these and heaps more soon.

There’s also been a bunch of great releases by Epic Sweep alumni recently you should check out like Rory Storm’s ‘Six Days and Nights in Nelson and Canterbury’, Tlaotlon’s ‘Natural Devices’, Kraus’s ‘Here Come The Recorders’, the Bent Folk’s epic live boxset and Wywy Brix’s (Ryan Cartoon Bennett) debut ‘Clear Liquorice’. The Fantails new 7” is great as is the related Bonecruncher album. And finally the Coolies are set to release a new album on Feeding Tube Records soon. Take the time to track them down.

RIP Jack Body.

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Mary Briefcase Retrospective Out Now

photo7 2nd No Wimps Poster

Although its been a long time in the making we’re incredibly proud to announce in conjunction with Lingering Sound, the epic three cassette Mary Briefcase retrospective. Bringing together his obscure independent releases from the early 80s with ‘newer’ work this is a milestone release we hope will shed some light and wider appreciation for this local DIY electronics maverick.

There’s some more detail on the releases page and go here for some samples – This release is exclusively available from Lingering Sound at As always, there aren’t many copies so be in quick – email



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New Releases

they sold us tomorrow volume one cover art

Rory Storm ‘They Sold Us Tomorrow: Volume One’ on cassette:

And two slabs of The Moonrakers including the ‘O-Toro!’ EP on lathe and a live recording on cassette, ‘Property Moses’:

As always, all three are in very limited numbers so get in touch to avoid missing out; nzmusic123(at)hotmail(dot) com

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Even for the Sweep’s sloth-like pace, the lack of meaningful updates here is embarrassing! Without wanting to single out any particular children, some really nice things have been said about recent-ish releases by Rory Storm and the Coolies. Head over to ‘reviews’ to get the gist. Better still be your own judge and check them out for yourself.

On the new release front, we’ve got a lathe and tape almost ready by Oamaru’s finest and most decorated son’s, The Moonrakers and more new stuff on the way from Rory and some really exciting re-issues in conjunction with our favourite local distributor, Lingering Sound. Inevitably there will be other stuff too.

On a more practical note, we’re packing up the manor and heading back to NZ early in the new year. Until then check out one of the best releases of the year (local or otherwise); the fantastically good ‘Deep and Meaningful Vol 2′ comp here:

Deep & Meaningful Volume 2 cover art


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Peter Gutteridge. Photo / Christopher Andrews

The passing of Peter Gutteridge is a massive loss. His music always seemed beautifully timeless. Few people have used repetition, texture and distortion to such incredible effect. Fewer are able to convey so much with so little as he could.

Despite huge contributions to the Clean and Great Unwashed and others, it was the first Snapper EP from 1988 that really flawed me. It was and still is utter perfection; easily the best thing Flying Nun ever committed to vinyl. Although almost complete contrasts of light and shade, their two albums ‘Shotgun Blossom’ and ‘A.D.M’ come pretty close too. And who else could afford to put a song like ‘Gentle Hour’ on a b-side!

The tidal wave of re-releases of Flying Nun and related material seems to be endless, but it was truly great to see his only solo album ‘Pure’ re-issued recently, and even better some solo shows in the US. The choice of lifestyle seemed to have an obvious effect. But the larger and more sustaining impact will be the incredible music left behind. RIP.

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The Moonrakers…well almost

Enjoy the beautiful squall of one part Moonrakers with Kraus as special guest…more coming soon

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New releases

Astronaut mixes cover art

These have been awhile in the making, but its nice to have new releases by Rotate the Completor, Dan McGirr and Rory Storm out now. Fore more detail check out the releases page.

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New Coolies EP Out Now

Coolies insert

Stoked to announce the release of the new Coolies 7″ EP ‘Punk Is Bread’. Its a limited run of 100 copies and is available for $11 AUS plus postage. Email nzmusic123(at)Hotmail(dot)com. Check it out here


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Epic Sweep Guest Mix

Check it out here


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